David Lee

1959 uk
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The Stone

Welcome to another millennium
Two thousand years have past
Since the beginnings in Byzantium
We have held steadfast
We hold the immortal secrets
As guardians of the Stone
We act as our faith befits
And to the world are unbeknown

When the world forsook its magic
And put science to the fore
The results of which were tragic
But we hold the ancient lore
We are awaiting the new magician
Who can wield the sacred flame
And will manage the transition
So can this world reclaim

The time is fast approaching
The Guardians are prepared
The world is encroaching
As we uncover the sacred prayers
When the immortal walks this world again
And holds that precious Stone
Magic will flow like electric rain
And the truth once more be known

Kings and despots will tremble
As their realms are swept away
And the Guardians disassemble
The world as it is today
Humanity will be raised
To heights previously unknown
Poverty and hate will be erased
By the powers of the Stone
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