Daniel Hernandez

Detroit, Michigan, USA

A Whirlwind Of Shades

We are born one day and dead another.
Between that time how do we learn to love our brothers
And sisters-a mistery of every life caught up in a twister.
Complications stick hard on a soul like metal blisters.
Dear God, oh great one could you please help one
Teach everyone how circumstances should be done.
One lesson can turn benighted into eyes of question
Stressing to the whole world your supernatural blessin'.
The question benighted wonders is how a world of faith
Can be so deeply hidden inside a world of hate.
One heart and billions of souls all fallen apart
Like a star-a million directions but do not know where to start.
Please can you give us only two ways to go.
One for the warm heart and one for the cold.
Too many sins to hold within, is this the end?
Did the devil plot to never let us go back to where we had to begin?
Again, why do we have ourselves caught up in
This whirlwind of sin that never seems to end?
The devil is black and holy Lord is white. Why must there be a
million shades between love and dislike? God help us all. Amen
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