Inverted Soul

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Forever in MY Never

One day I Crave,
to burn this place,
Forget it All
set it Ablaze!!
Off to a New Place.
Wonder who I should Be,
with thoughts in My Mind,
I hope You can't See??

This Minds getting Lost,
it sails for now
but it's going to Cost.
As I move on along,
it's time to go.
With feelings so Vacant,
they can't be Sold.
So don't ask Why anymore,
I just have to Go!!

With only Ashes remain,
nothing to Conceal.
So why do I Feel,
how no one should Feel.
Just Yesterday.
I thought I was Fine,
Times Running late,
as I'm Falling behind!!

Washed up on Shore.
A Pile of Bones,
why In the Hell
won't you Leave Me Alone?!!?.
As Strange as this Feels,
I've Gone Astray,
Why is the End So Far away??
I now Hear the Voices.
As Loud as Forever,
just standing in line,
to Wait for the Never.
I'm approaching normal,
still hollow inside.
I fake All My Feelings,
cause I can't Decide
What's left of My Mind.
It's Far from Over.
It's just begun,
so I'm leaving Now.
to Find Room just for One...
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