Corey Alpough

November 22, 1994 - Houston TX

Bright Light

Done been through real pain, You on the outside looking in, Step into my shoes and see what life is like. Devil knocking at the door He been trying to break me. On the outside y’all see a man Who seems like he has a great life. Talented in Basketball and doing everything right but I’m far from who you think I am.

On the inside there’s a little boy crying for help, I been watching my mom cry since the day my Grandma left. Damn, I’m all she got. I pray for her every night and tell her it’s gone be alright. Had some things happen to me and it scarred me for life.

I started sipping alcohol trying to take the pain away, slowly I started to realize the devil trying to take my brain away. I begin to hurt the ones I love the most, i was losing myself, the Devil said it’s time to go you keep abusing yourself.

Right when I was about to go somebody knocked on my door. It was a bright light, I couldn’t see their face, I could only hear their voice.

They stuck their hand out and said come a little closer, Don’t listen to that other knock just put your head up on my shoulder, they whispered in my ear and told me everything will be okay.

They said I will protect you day by day, night by night, Hold me tight ,you don’t have to fight. I held on to them and things started to change, My life did a 360 but I thought it was strange. They said you might not know me but I know you, at the end of the day I will have a clue.

The light was gone but the voice was in my ear, the more I listened the more things became clear. I’m more than what I thought and I have no fear. I got on my hands and knees and I started to cheer
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