Connie Coss

Brigham City, UT, USA

The Cougar And The Bull

Way back up in the high country, where the air is clean and pure.
In a cave right next to a nice cool stream, lived a mean and hungry cougar.
Now a big old ball came wandering by, just a munchin' down on grass,
But he got too close to the cougar's den, and the cat couldn't let the chance pass.
He jumped onto that big old bull and took a great big bite.
Cougar and bull went round and round but that cat finally won the fight.
Why, he ate that entire bull, thought it took him a day and a night.
Til all that was left was a pile of bones, and that cat was filled with delight.
That big cat was feeling so proud, be roared as the day grew hot.
But a hunter nearby heard him roaring, and killed that cat with one shot.
Now the moral of this story is, Don't go acting like a mutt.
Remember, if your full of bull, just keep your big mouth shut.
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