Christofer Barbieri

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Sad Little Boy Sitting On The Door Stop

An impatient Feeling,
You sit and wait.
Chew down your nails,
He's just late.
Mothers voice,
It seems loud.
Inside everyone is talking,
You ignore the sound.
"Get out of the cold"
Mother doesn't understand.
You'll never listen,
To ignorant demands.
Twiddling your hands,
Hold back that cry,
A promise is a promise,
You know he's stopping by.
His word you trust,
He just lost track of time.
You think mother is laughing.
You fill with disgust,
Now you take note,
Overwhelmingly sad,
Passed by most of the day,
You now realize
You wont be seeing dad.
He'll show next week,
At least mom is satisfied.
"Told you so" she says
One of seven is all you want,
It's how you spend Sundays.
Don't count on him
Words from moms mouth,
Does she even notice,
Your mood went south.
Finally in bed,
You can let the sadness show.
Cry under the covers,
So mother doesn't know
The phone never rings,
He never even tried to call.
No apology.
No explanation at all.
Cried yourself to sleep,
Wake to a sunrise,
in six more days.
Another Sunday passes by.
Repeat this again,
Fifty two more times.
The dad you love,
enough to wait for,
Didn't even try.

Originally writen in 1990. It is the oldest poem if mine in my possession.
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