Christofer Barbieri

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Rip My Throat Out

I'm seeking burning flames,
Prowling selfishly.
Nosing around for the fire,
Existed in me.
Lost myself in the wilderness,
Changed everything.
Your eyes focus elsewhere
Dreams no longer include me.

Attention and pity you think I need,
Crazy your mouth claimed.
Feeling alone and insecure without you,
Has me acting insane.
Tightly wrapped around you ,
My arms should be,
My mind fails to even recall my last smile
Times ticking away.

Hurting and lost I found myself,
In your front yard.
Foolishly I spoke familiar words,
You already heard.
Hate I never imagined could be with you,
Doused out my flame,
My throat you want to rip out,
Just to keep me away.
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