Christofer Barbieri

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Life is leaving me feeling hopelessly ironic.
There is no feeling i miss more than youth.
Love was abused and lust was the tonic
I stand survivor of each down fall
Each time I got back up was another lesson,
Lessons I more than often shamefully ignored.
Mistakes become choice when you are constantly in them
Explosive emotion lead the way to many exit doors
Love is wasted energy if you lack to begin,
You cant expect someone to put your joy within.
You will never be happy If you cant find happiness alone.
The love we receive should be pure overflow
Only then are you able to properly give.
Look for your greatest equal as well as inspiration, adviser and mentor
Good intention gone wrong with outburst of my ugly temper.
Failure stings when she says to me, my love for you is no more
I am able to see now, patterns went on for too long
Its a cold world to be in if we never learned how to love
I've been given chances and failed, never do I give enough.
Down on my knees praying to something i never believed above.
I know the changes I must make, but without action it never matters
My head swirling with anxiety, noisy and distracting chatter
One day I will pass away and be place six feet under ground,
Im will leave poems everywhere to be sure they are found
They will continue to live long after I am gone
I hope then they see I did truly love them all along

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