Christine Kuruvilla

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Valencia The Secret Keeper


Life she led in search,
Of an unknown secrect,
One for which Valencia had travelled,
Across the seas and endless days.

Till it ended- And there she lay,
Silent, dead and on the other side of the void,
Afterlife opened her arms, revealing her secrets.
But she was brought back to her world chained- chained to the ground.

Yet a glimpse changed Valencia's life,
A secret she now wished to share,
Which the weight of words could not bare,
So she lit on her head a bridge to the world that lay beyond the dead.

And as people seeked her,
And her candles burnt longer,
She bleed wax from her eyes and hair,
Till they found the peace in the hidden somewhere.

But as time passed and her golden white wax hair encased her,
Providing her with an abyss of wisdom and experience,
Severing her from her worldly roots,
Yet grounding her for she could no longer share her godly fruits.

And Valencia found herself searching again,
For a way to connect to the world,
Her never ending search from the start,
Now just under the burden of the wax that buried her "heart".
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