Christine Kuruvilla

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Searching for you...?

I search for the warmth of your arms,
But it seems too distant for me to find...

The world it tries to tear me apart,
Like I’m an object they own.
The world ‘sees’ me,
Stripping me of my mind, body and soul.
One day the glass will shatter,
Let me fall into your arms-
Let me break apart and fall into your arms again.

Some call me their pride,
And burden me with their needs,
While others say I’m an object made to please,
So, they tie me up till I can’t breathe.
I smile on the outside,
But on the inside- I shatter and fall.

I want to cry, I want to rest,
But I know I can’t,
Till I'm free...
So give me a place to hide,
Till I can stand just one more time.
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