Christine Kuruvilla

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Celestial the Aura Collector

Credits:@angelganev- Celestial the aura collector

On a search for enlightenment,
Celestial embarked,
With a kiss a deadlier than any instrument,
A kiss that reflected a persons soul.

This kiss it revealed everything,
Sparing nothing,
A person revealed like the pages of a book,
In shades of pink, white and blue.

A two sided axe, one side a selfish curse,
The other a blessing of release,
An opportunity for a person to be naked,
In front person of the person they most hated.

Some embraced her godly truth,
But some desired her monstrous heart,
So she hid from them in the dark,
Waiting for them to seek her path.

Her gift was one that could help,
But help only the ones that sought,
For their greatest fear- themselves,
Would lay bare like hidden secrets and thoughts.
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