Chris Quinn

Dublin, January 30, 1981
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Biography of Chris Quinn

I am a 40 year old former accountant living in Ireland. About 10 years ago I suffered a massive depression that lasted about 3 or 4 years and took another 3 or 4 to recover from. I now work for the civil service, run a boutique electronic music festival and am doing a grad degree in psychology. I also am a student of philosophy I have always loved the way some poems could give you this feeling, like the tolling of a bell, that some great or nebulous part of existence had just been made clear to you. I also love the clarity and, for want of a better word, overview of existence poetry affords like in ‘An Irish Airman Forsees His Death' by Yeats or Frosts ‘The Road Not Taken'. I also love how poetry can be far more evocative than prose like Plath's ‘Tulips' or Ginsberg’s ‘Howl'