Charmaine Klaire Alonzo

October 28, 1997 - Cotabato City, Philippines

First Love

I turned around and saw your face.
Right then and there, I fell in love.
You smiled and my world just melted,
Little butterflies fluttered in my stomach.
Sweet letters I wrote and still keep under my bed,
Short glimpses that make my day,
Daily doses and episodes of you.
Watching you from far away,
I can't help from falling everyday.
Your smile brightens up my day;
Your sweet words when you speak
Moves my heart, I fell again.
Closer and closer, I can sense you.
Closer and closer, you are so near me.

And then you knelt, and I froze
I don't know what to do
I was lost for words and had my hand to my chest
Tears began to suddenly pour.
Oh, how much I love you so!
I wanted to reach and embrace you
But, your previously melting smile,
Froze me on the spot.
I wanted to look into your eyes
To see the love inside.
Sadly, my feet won't let me move.
The echoes of people in the background,
Resounded and almost broke me.
When she said YES,
I know, It's too late
She's yours and you're hers
How I wish it was me!
Oh, how I wish it was me.
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