Charmaine Klaire Alonzo

October 28, 1997 - Cotabato City, Philippines

A Memory Box

I closed my eyes one night
Saw vivid images of yesterday
Waking up with heaviness
I think, I just cried once again

Some doors I closed way back
Turned out opening one by one
Even boxes I completely hidden
Opened once more in front of me

The memory box has opened one more time
Displaying all memories I kept inside
Years of golden experiences
Jewels of friends I truly cherish

Back when those times happened
Now I feel so nostalgic about it
Can't stop tears from pouring
Even my heart is beating fast

I remember all the laughters and joy
Even embarrassments and painful ones
I can recall funny moments
Even simple ones with them

Making friends and family
‘Til now, I cherish them like that
I've found them during those years
That's why I'm calling it "golden years"

I miss the olden times
Funny how time flies that fast
These memories I keep
All these years, they never fade

I opened my eyes again
I see the memory box opened wide
I cried once again
Coz they are now only memories I remember

I wish I could dive in it
Or hold them onto my hands again
Wishing I'll be back
To the times when they actually happened

Reality strikes in tonight
I'm no longer that person before
That was then, this is now
So much time had already passed

Memory box, Memory box
Will you still open yourself for me to reminisce?
Memory box, memory box
I'm crying all over again.
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