Charles Fisher

1914 - 2006 / Swansea

Another Dimension

Have you ever lost something out of your hand,
Clean out of your bloody hand? One breath it was there
The next, gone, vanished, banco; the stupid thing
Spirited away suddenly into thin air

Then for God's sake help me now. This is where I probe the obscene
Green corners where no white man has ever been.
Fluff, pennies, cheese. An egg-cup. Go on smile.
You crawl about the blasted floor awhile.
I'm beaten. Useless. I refuse to climb
To scour that bone-bare shelf for the fiftieth time.
It's gone, that's all. Jove strike with his great bolt
And burn the festering thing from its hidy-holt!

Not far. It can't be far. I was holding it there
When PING it vanished, vanished suddenly into thin air...
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