Chandrima Modak

February 21, 1996-Dhaligaon
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Unattainable dream

I close my eyes and dream of a dream ;
A dream no big, a dream no small,
A dream for a stroke of serendipity,
serendipity of a time of serenity.
So, I maneuver my blood, sweat, youth, and prayers towards this dream,
But then again comes the days of perplexing feelings;
Days when I can’t feel motivated anymore,
then is when I scramble through the songs,
the songs that can make me go on;
Days when I can’t see the purpose anymore
Where the dreams seem so distant,
like an impel to win an uphill battle, while dragging my feet;
Days when I have to tell myself;
I have to keep moving on,
with no joy to see what the future holds.
It's frustrating to loop in and about the same
Scenarios with different faces and places,
It feels burdensome, trying to build reasons
Reasons to defend the cumbersome norms ;
As if the coordination of the limbs is all wary.
Part of me wants to give up all
And part of me says may a little wait is all it awaits ;
Don’t know how long this ‘a little wait’ is?
While I blindly keep walking into this maze.
How long can one sell oneself a foolish whim?
A childish whim one themselves doesn’t believe.
Did I find the answer yet?
Well, a prolonged silence looms the sky,
as the dream fold form distant to a forlorn cry.
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