Chandra Pathakoti

June 26th, 1972 - Hyderabad, India
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Oh Friend!

What name should I give or call you, my Friend!
The list is endless and it never Ends
Are you my Hope?
Or the One beyond zenith or Slope
Are you my Companion?
Or the One who fills me with great Compassion
Are you My Winning?
Or the one who taught me to take first step in the Beginning
Are you my treasure of Gold?
Or a Will to hold to make me stronger and Bold
Are you my Months and Years?
Or a person stood by to erase my Tears
Are you my Kindness?
Or the One who is Embodiment of words with forgiveness
Are you my Sunshine?
Or the One connecting my heartbeats of my Lifeline
Are you my Adventure?
Or the One helping me find great Treasures
Are you my Courage?
Or the One in Life to Engage
Are you my Inspiration?
Or the One making this life a Celebration
Are you my Relation?
Or the one exists in all forms of Definition
Are you my Chum?
Or the one to sing together the song of Hum

Whatever I call or Whenever I call
You always lift me and never make me fall
You are the Friend, Only a Friend
A Friend Who stays in the soul, heart and Mind
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