Cat Germaney

Cleethorpes- April 29, 1990
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You stole her soul

A lucid moment when you grabbed my face
"Its you" you said
My heart did race
She knows who I am she's no longer alone
Trapped in that mind where she has no where to go
The moment soon passed
The recognition didn't last
She let go of my face
My heart no longer raced
For her mind was once again lost
Lost in the past
Lost in the pretend
Lost in a world I could not comprehend.

I miss my nanna who would play games with me and tell me off
Who would make us cakes and biscuits that I would scoff.
My nanna who I would go to if I was upset.
My nanna who played music through a cassette
Who took me to the park to play on the swings.
Who's knee I would fall asleep on whilst she softly sings

I never got to tell that nanna how grateful I feel
All the love and kindness
I really want to appeal
Give her that brain back the one that could comprehend
Normal things like making some tea
Or just recognising her family on who she could depend

I miss my nanna I miss her so
Dementia you demon you stole her soul.
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