Carter Botham

October 16, staffordshire
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Flames blossom unwards
Spiralling like snakes, looping,
Like old memories on the wind,

My thoughts are brought back to you,
Hunched into an arm chair,
Cigarette in hand, wondering,
What made this
Death, so calming to you.

And then once again to your death bed,
The flames flowering above you,
As their roots made their way through midnight lungs
And wonder when
You first found the key to heaven
To breathing while stangling yourself.

Where you 13?
Fingers shaking, coughing,
As your friends laughed patting your back in understanding? A tribal affair, initiation probabl
15? a girl sat by your side,
To impress her? maybe,
At 18? As the flames of first love withered out
Like the cigarette hanging from your lips
One flick,
One puff,
And you're gone again.

I think
As i watch the fading smokes,
Warm, free,
Float around me and
Disperse like they were never there at all,
I hesitate to pull another from its encasement.
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