Carl Rex

August 26, 1990 - India
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The Weary Lone Traveller

Along a dry and weary road
There stood a Traveller once
He was quite bent with a heavy load
Of sins so many tons

He stood there looking all confused
Under the daylight sun
He knew not then which way to choose
The broad or narrow one

He stopped and scanned thru them to find
Which one might suit his life
For he was more than determined
To find God's will for life

He searched for little clues and signs
To guide him in the day
To miss the pitfalls and the mines
Oh it was a dangerous way!

Then came from Heav'n a Holy Book
Which shone so bright and clear
With so much joy the light he took
And carried on with cheer

The day went on and night did come
Deep darkness all around
Dark figures freely roaming round
Wild noises fearsome

The man got scared and dropped the Light
And off it went at once
He tried to run with all his might
He knew he was a dunce

He was full of terror and shame
He had himself to blame
Falling then upon his knees
He cried out 'Oh God please!'

Then Jesus came and stood by Him
The darkness flew away
He gently sang a joyful hymn
And promised there to stay

My grace is all enough for you
Just trust my loving heart
And know that I will take you through
To you my life impart

Oh Jesus loving Savior dear
Thank you for being there
Through all my years in every fear
Your Presence always near!
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