Carl Rex

August 26, 1990 - India
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Last Supper

I will not drink henceforth this cup
This fruit of vine I will not sup
Until that day I drink it new
In my Father's house with you

Said my Lord in tender tones
This will comfort all your moans
For when ye eat this bread and wine
Remember I'll come to make you mine

In your memory keep it fresh
My love's e'er-constraining mesh
The Love of God for you expressed
In your hearts to be impressed

My death on cross for you will make
My love efficacious - for you to take
Love to man cement it will
Through all eternity and still

Until I come to take you home
From this dark and narrow gloom
Remember my humility
Fix your faith on Calvary

The cross that bore the dying son
Looked upon till heart is won
Let this my thought forever be
All throughout eternity
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