C Naganathan

22 May - India

Sitting Alone

Sitting alone, trekking on stone;
I wonder, why life is playing games with me?
Sitting serene; I want to atone,
To nature, that’s all around me.

Scented woods, serenely stood;
Dancing to the melody of the breeze.
Winged friends, waiting tweets;
Making the woods lively as should be.

Beetle friends, Beating trends;
Creating melody as complex as can be.
Budding plants, blooming flowers;
Oozing nectar as sweet as can be.

Dancing branches, fluttering leaves;
The wind knows what melody it should be.
Boisterous and loud, rain bearing clouds;
You scatter moisture as welcome as can be.

Bright lover, Life giver;
You like playing, hide and seek with me.
Nature gifts, all that you Wonder;
Gift her, for she needs more than we.
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