Brady Stewart

August 8th, 2002 - Pontiac Michigan
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What One May Sacrifice for Autonomy

Should I giggle and hold,
Or moan and release?
Or should I cease to vocate?
Fa tho, Fa tho,

In me cease is what you speak
People, friends, peers,
For spreading voices
Vaseline under your skin
I pray is foreign,
To your rearing
Fa tho, Fa tho,

I get it,
Or in my moisturized self,
I am sensitive to it
The vibrations in your head,
That are truly from your heart,
Fa tho, Fa tho,
My chest to yours,
Feels like ecstasy,
My heart feeds on mimicry,
I wish to cease the cease,
Of the voice,
of my heart,
Fa tho, Fa tho,
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