Bogdan Dragos

December 08, 1992
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He just had to stand
walk to the kitchen
open the fridge
get a can of beer
open it
and come back to the desk
sit down and lean back in the chair

was this something to
laugh about?

He emptied the can
with gulps rather than sips
to get as drunk as possible
with a 4.5% alcohol concentration

He sighed
and opened the laptop again
Stared at it

double-clicked the internet browser
pressed Ctrl and then H

A history full of porn

on his widowed mom’s laptop

Of course it kept getting infected
with viruses
and she brought it over to be fixed

Those websites were from the
very shady family of porn websites

He would’ve grabbed another beer
but there was none left

Better just get back to work and
fix mom’s laptop
What else to do?
Fifteen or so years ago she surely knew
what he was doing with that missing
pair of panties and that bra
She wasn’t dumb.

The wheel turns

Just like one of those titles from the
history list said:
“Busty slut stuck in cart wheel gets anally raped by hillbillies”

He clicked it
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