Bobby Marbles Mobley

Ducky Rides

Wacky Quacky National Park
Ducky tickets that's a start
Ducky's have big flat feet
Waddle up and down the street
On rubber wheels Ducky's roll
Across the bridge pay a toll
Ride upside down for a buck
If you want to quacker up
Ducky tours here and there
Ride a ducky everywhere
Clear cool lake float and splash
If you carry Ducky cash
Ducky's up Ducky's down
Ducky's run all over town
Smack a Ducky Hug a Ducky
Do you like my pretty Ducky
Yellow Ducky's see them run
Ride white Ducky's have some fun
Flap a feather fluffy down
Fly a Ducky see the town
Quackers Quackers everywhere
Wear a feather in your hair
Ride a Duck and you're a winner
Lets have roast duck for our dinner
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