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Everyone needs a cigarette

Everyone needs a cigarette,
Not literally, I mean it as a metaphor,
Something for this little stress threat,
Inside the upper core.

Why do people actually,
Want to avoid stress all the time.
Wouldn't it be more logical,
If we would accept it all?

Live with the voices screaming,
The heart beat rising,
The ugly dreaming,
And inner fighting.

I guess not...

People have been searching,
For relaxation through history,
A herb, a massage, a magic thing,
First an experience, later almost compulsory.

I'm still figuring out,
The balance between accepting and interventions,
To live healthy, pure and happy,
But without too much tensions.

Exploring these things,
Is actually a lot of fun.
Sometimes it gives me wings,
Other times I just hold on.

In search, but with a smile, this can last a while, just accept my style.
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