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A naked child by the sea

I am like a child again,
Beginning my life from scratch.
Everything I build up is gone,
I thought it would still be,
When I came back.

But relationships with friends and lovers,
Are not made of bricks.
They are not solid and treasured like a monument.
They disappear brick by brick,
If they don't receive love and attention.

The only thing I have left is my family,
Because our relationship is in our blood.
It can't go away,
Even if you would want it to.

But at the end, this isn't even true.
Houses are being demolished by earth quakes,
Surrounded by ugly highways,
Are replaced by shiny flats.

Family members die,
Or change so much, the only you can do is break with them.

I am like a child again,
Alone and naked.
Still having to build my own life,
Brick by brick,
Friend by friend,
Till a big waves comes again,
And takes it all away once more,
Or twice,
Or even more.

I think I should become a better builder,
A quicker one, a stronger one.
I have to start loving to build,
Love every brick I add,
Cherish every brick which falls.
And accept the waves of life.
They come and go,
Just like the sea,
And yes, sure I can live far from the sea.
But life isn't as good and beautiful inland.

So here I stand,
A naked child,
Who realizes,
The sand castle she just drew,
Is taken by the sea.
She bends down,
And takes the still wet sand in her hands,
And starts building with a smile.
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