Bipin Singhal

July 17, 2000 - Kathmandu, Nepal

O! sunshine--Nevra.

O! sunshine! who cares what you lie,
You no longer breathe for life
Your skin - so sweet so soft -
It makes me cry,
Your smile -
Pretty intense Pretty high,
I miss em' so much,
But they are now like a silent frost.

I remember the days
When you used to pray
To fly high and high in the sky
To bloom like a flower
To burn like a phoenix
I remember the night when you used to say,
"-my darling!-
I Want to breathe in you,
Lost in you, sick in you,
However with a dream-face
Where i never belong,
-Fulfilled my thrust.

O! my love! Look - what you have gave me?
"Just a blood shower"
With which I can't sing a song of peace and rest
I am so lonely here In Darkness
I just don't know how to live here,
Here is-- no sweet no power
O! look How you left me in Dream quest.

O! sunshine, My sunshine!
Who cares What I say What I care,
My heart is a creep, weary asleep.
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