Bharati Nayak

26th May 1962, Cuttack
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Small Joys Of Life

Like drops of water
Add up to make the sea
So also, million moments
Add to make our life.
Each moment
May bring a small change
Some moments are joy filled
Some moments may be hard.
Life is uncertain and
we do not know what lies ahead.
Let us catch the joy of each moment
Enjoy the love of doting parents
Enjoy the tasty food of mother's hand
Enjoy the loving glance of the beloved
Enjoy the colours of beautiful flowers
Listen to the songs of chirping birds
Enjoy surfing on blue water
Enjoy a book of your favourite writer
Enjoy the greenery of a valley
Enjoy the babbling of a baby
Enjoy the birds flying in the blue sky
Enjoy a sudden shower from a cloud floating by.
There are beauty and joy all around
But we have to have such eyes to behold
Otherwise life will feel dull and drab
Like staggering with a heavy grindstone.
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