Bharati Nayak

26th May 1962, Cuttack
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas my friends
My friends in Italy and France
Friends in America and England
Friends in India, Russia, China and Iran
Friends in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan
Friends in East and West
Friends in North and South
Merry Christmas Fabrizio
Merry Christmas Daniel
Merry Christmas Pamela
Merry Christmas Sophy Chen
Merry Christmas
.Valsa, Savita, Kirti, Rajnis, Jess, Bri Edward
Merry Christmas
Tony, Queeny, Sayeed, Denis and Siddarth
Merry Christmas Geetha Jaykumar and Susan
Merry Christmas to all friends on Facebook
Merry Christmas to all friends on PoemHunter
Merry Chrismas to all my neighbours.
At this moment I feel we are one
Bounded by one gold chain
Let our joined hands
Plant a Christmas tree of Love
And build a house of Hope
Decorate it with stars of kindness
Light candles of beautiful smiles
Let our World be full of bliss
Wish you friends with all my heart
A very very Happy Christmas.

(Poet's Note-The names mentioned in the poem are my poet friends scattered in different parts of the world)
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