Bharati Nayak

26th May 1962, Cuttack
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A Love Song

I love you
But YOU are not you
YOU are that beauty
Which fills me with light
├ŁOU' are that hand
Which picks out the thorns
From my feet.
YOU are that presence
Which is ever present
In my happiness and darkness
On my cloudy sky
YOU are the color
Which makes the rainbow
And YOU appear
As the North star
In a directionless weather.

YOU are not the Red -Rose, but
The red of the Rose
YOU are not the Rose
But the thorns that
Guard the Rose.

YOU are the song of the song-bird
Blue of the Blue-sky, and
Green of the Green-leaves
It does not matter
Where that YOU lives
For I feel YOU
As the oxygen filled air
Circulating around me
And YOU will stay here
As a shaft of light
And the last piece of my breath.
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