Bevan Kirkland

March 5 - New Zealand
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Loving India

I remember the first time I saw her face.
I was a Nurse in India trying to
save the human race.
She said, “Hey there Tiger wanna roar at me?”
I said, “Only if you purr afterwards.

I was hot and she was cool and sultry.
Well I was in India and I wanted to explore.
So I was going to start with her.

And so we had a short talk,
and then we took a long walk
in the forest called Madhya Pradesh.
And we made love under a Banyan tree.

She was kind,
delectable, desirable,
and delicious
but she wasn’t mine.

We went to sleep and when we woke up
I heard a farmer shout,
“Get away from my daughter you creep!”
A shotgun rang out and

I ran as fast as a horny Blackbuck.
She was right behind me and
she ran like the wind,
towards him.

She waved goodbye,
Oh my God,
she is wonderful.
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