Bevan Kirkland

March 5 - New Zealand
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Desperately Lonely

Me and myself are
Two different people
Under the same sky

When darkness falls
We become one and then
There is no other but me

And alone I pace
In deepest night where
No one takes my hand

Nobody to lead me from
This depressive tomb
Away from this mental doom

And yes kindness helps,
Though love is the thing
To make me whole again

Yes I’m a lonely man
Lost myself long ago
Not many now I trust

Often many have cared
But no one found
the pain inside me

Now this lonely man
With a happy mask
so carefully to hide

lately it cracks
And paint wearing off
And my true self be known

I will then retreat and
My steps will tread
The lonely walks again

Perhaps at last
Someone will break
The wall around me

But no one will
For fear of loving me
For I’m too long alone

And so, pitifully
Here I stand
A lonely man

in my own
lonely land.
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