Ben Scott

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A dirty trick you pulled on me
For a second 
So many words, so many thoughts
I thought were true ..

Can't think of a good reason
Why it had to come to this
Bad ending
Of this cold season 

I'm sorry 
Oh so sorry for you 
I'm sorry I lost myself in your lies 
I regret that I lost myself that night
In your piercing green eyes 

They were pretty 
Thought they were true 
But I felt right then
something was off about you 

Your lips sweet like caramel
Your body hot like summer air 
Your hands soft , your words wise. 
Only the dark river beside us knew 
They were fucking lies 

You messed with my head 
Pretty well 
And until last night 
Not feeling you anymore was a regret. 

You sicken me you said
But boy I have to tell you something 
Fire without trust 
Is less than nothing 

Hope I'll never get to see your face again 
You fooled me well
I might be naive 
For I don't believe in hell. 

At times hell is a place on earth 
Or so it seems
I was a mistake you say 
But tonight it's me who will leave 
With my conscience clean 

How You left in a hurry 
After begging me not to ghost you. 
But it's you J. who had the last words
A weak bye and a cheap sorry. 
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