Ben Scott

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Hiding my heart

"this is how the story went
I met someone by accident
who blew me away,
blew me away "

you know the song babe ?

I can barely write
but with this perfect twist of fate
I can compose not only words but music too
and create a perfect soundtrack to my twisted fate

I speak in metaphors
only because i know you can understand them handsome.
Thousand words will not be enough.
All i have is actions

So now I gather my very last strength
I've seen rock bottom and I'm so tired of it
One, two, three .. I started the countdown
My sweetest boy ..mid July is my deadline.

You may have seen my heart
I've seen your mind and soul
Your kiss is the briefest heaven
But can u just listen to me ?
I'm howling in the distance for more , more , more..

The irony is I am perfectly aware of how mundane my problem is
How unoriginal this will turn out to be
Some love story not ending with you&me

I know , I know what they say
Nothing gold can stay
Summer wine or pink lemonade
another words recycled

But for sure they don't know how your eyes sparkle
Only I know that
I'm not even trying to define them
I can get lost in them and love it .

Now I gather my very last strength
Climbing out of the rock bottom
I want to carry you with me
My rope is thin but strong so just fucking trust me
Time is ticking but not because i don't have patience
It's because I can not wake up heavy hearted every morning
My life is sweet and good and free
but I'm my best only when you lie next to me !

So listen my former lover
I appreciate your friendship greatly
Tho life is short and while I'm young I feel like gambling
I have this hand
I know i can play my cards right !
I've never been so certain
Your heart and my heart two broken halves
I just bet everything on us !
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