Ben Scott

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Are you capable of love ?

I wonder from time to time
If you can love
With your broken heart

I’ve seen your mind
It’s just like mine
I know what you dream about
When you close your eyes at night
You want to catch a star
But you can only see so far
With your bright bloodshot eyes
God ,if you only could see clearer …

I can be the prey
That you can chase
I will be the lighthouse
So your ship can dock safe
I can be the hand
For you to hold in bed
I can be the lover
Like the first you ever had
If I could go back just see your eyes for the first time again
I would
And I’ll be your second choice tonight
Tomorrow probably too
I can’t reason or be smart around you
I wasn’t this submissive
Until I met you
It’s probably what they call toxic , but if so
Be it.
Tonight I’m pissed off
But if I could I would be kneeling
Right in front of you
And praying
To find out
Can you love me
with your broken heart ?
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