Barbara Maxwell Deraoui

October 30, 1953- Wisconsin

The Third Goodbye

Over forty years ago I said goodbye to my dream

I watched him walk away
It was almost more than I could withstand

It was to be our final goodbye

It was our first and most gripping

As I watched him walk away
I felt my heart start to crack
Tears streamed down my face
My body shook as if going through withdrawal

Today felt like deja vu

Unbelievably over thirty years later
I had the chance to see him again

At the end of our visit we had our second goodbye
We had big plans and high hopes
The second goodbye did not sting as much as the first because of hope

Unfortunately our plans were dashed

Luckily fate found us again
Putting us on the same side of the ocean

Today we had our third goodbye
Once again I watched him walk away

In some ways it stung like the first
Memories flooding back
This pulled at something I had not felt in a long time

While I know I will see him again
The heaviness in my heart will not allay
My emotions are tight like a fiddle

It’s funny they always say it’s easier to leave than to be left

My heart says that is true

They also say distance makes the heart grow fonder

That has been proven true as well