Azmena Zaidi

April 16, 2005 - India

And So I changed

I have made a mistake, I know.
You don't need to tell me, it's all a big show.

I can't do what you can,
You are so mighty, I can't be that man.
I am so very amused to be who I am,
I am happy for the things I never can.

Don't try to stand at my door and weep
Don't try to kill me, I am not your enemy.
But for all you have said and done to me,
I have nothing to say but you are the broken key.

You don't need to put the sword down, I have my armour.
You don't need to shine the torch, I can see the light.

I know that I don't belong here.
I changed because I
Did not want to end up in the middle of nowhere.
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