Ayush Panigrahi

25th November 2003 - India
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The Smoky Site

[Before You Read - This Is me In 2019 exactly sitting in front of a smoky site concerned about the amount of pollution it causes daily and mainfesting it to end.]

The World talks about pollution
But still there is no solution
The world behind is so green
But the fire and smoke make it grim
Oh! there was a beautiful linden
But the hazy smoke made it hidden

Presuming the world will end one day
And there would be no body even to say
The smoke was so much pernicious
Which turned into distress and was serious
Tis our obligation not to feel ignominy
But to look forward to make the earth greeny

This smoke will make us one day motionless
If we do pollution and remain being careless
Let me warn you it is a slow poison
Even more dangerous than the nuclear fusion!!!
At night the fire became so intense
That gave a scene of joy and tense

In pale moonlight it looked so grey
Which was due to the burning of rubbish and hay
The smoke arose and arose so high
That covered the stars in the sky
Oh! God I wish it should go to space
And save some years for the earth to face.
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