Ayatullah Nurjati

June 19, 1981 - Jakarta
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Words In Life

Words have a soul
Some of the words that humans create are nature given by God
The words that are present as a form of revelation through the intermediary of the angel Gabriel to the Prophets are the demands of human life through theHoly Scriptures
The word 'nothing' would probably just be born without an inspiration for humans

Animals also have a word in their life communication
Although only Prophet Suleiman as a human also understands it
All animals also carry out their daily rituals with word instructions strung together
in language
Tweets, roars, crows and all kinds of ways creatures say different meanings, but even so, it is still a mystery that humans have to solve

In contrast to Creatures, God is clearly a polyglot. He is Omniscient every living thing use only to praise His name
Without having to praise and remember Him, He is still God
Exciting words and inviting kindness also depend on instructors in every religion
No religion calls for evil and God knows it all
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