Ayatullah Nurjati

Juli 19, 1981 - Jakarta - Indonesia
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Reaping Dusk

Combing lonely in the silence of feelings that can no longer feel your presence by
my side
The yellow rice dangling as if sobbing longing for the coveted rain as if to witness
my feelings of longing for you
I don't know why the birds are invisible--migrating somewhere
The path that had started to crack in the rice paddies seemed to be in sync with
my current feelings

The animals that inhabit this land are already used to nature here
Moths and fireflies are also welcome for night service as a causality of their work
which is increasingly difficult to be useful because they are replaced by
incandescent lamps and infrared lamps.
In this village I often stop by just to remember you
But that's just a glimmer of memories that may be eroded by time

I'm not young anymore
You can see the wrinkles on my face that look old
This hair is also no longer jet black, a lot of dominant white colour is entrenched
But why is it hard for your face to disappear from my brain's memory

You did stop by for a while from my life but why did I have to leave you because
at that time I was still ripe looking at the world and had big dreams to reach the
I still remember every stroke, shape and uniqueness in you, whether it's still the
same now or has changed
It's been 3 decades since we haven't seen each other, but my feelings are still
the same as before
The feeling of being reluctant to just go away and I will always remember in the
rest of my life
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