Ayatullah Nurjati

June 19, 1981 - Jakarta
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A Sonnet 06: Keep Moving Forward

This age is increasing
There are still many things that have not been achieved
It's similar to my hair which is changing more and more every day—white like the dry season that leaves the leaves on the tops of the trees, it's so heartbreaking
Although very few expectations are achieved

Like nails and hair that fall off and grow back
It is different with the enemy—friends come and go
The only thing missing is the teeth that never go back
Nothing left with the family, which was never outdated even Though the country was under an embargo

God is never blind and never frustrates the endeavours of His creatures
Failures that come one after another do not discourage the intention to keep trying to actualize it through effort and prayer
Keep moving even though fatigue comes
The analogy of fish in an aquarium is always moving even though the owner doesn't always give it food and trees which always photosensitizer

Keep trying even if they doesn't work because the life always counterbalances
It doesn't matter the most important result is the process of how we are matured
by circumstances
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