Ayatullah Nurjati

June 19, 1981 - Jakarta
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A Sonnet 05: Nothing Changes Her Love For Me

When I see her face there is a shade
When I hear her voice, I feel comfortable in my heart
When I see her smile I feel sunshine and never fade
When I see point of view of her life that inspire my heart

Nothing has changed in her like spring which displays the beauty of the scent of flowers
Nothing has changed her feelings and love for me
Nothing has changed about my feelings to her like leaves that always grow on each stem and they are water proofers
Nothing changes day after day, month after month, year after year her feelings for me

If I had never met her it would not have been possible for all of these works to have been created
If I also don't meet him there won't be a baby to accompany our lives together
IF I don't make a promise, it's clear that she won't be a mother who loves my baby, and the feelings of a mother's heart had never been cheated
If I wasn't a father right now I would obviously feel empty and may never be a grandfather

So I love you on the basis of sincerity and without any betrayal
So I also feel the harmony if you stay like this even though you are being hit by
a tempest royal
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