Aviral Anand

October 2,1998-India
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The duel for truth

My heart is kind;
But the fight of mind;
With aim of changing the thing u own !
The battle of heart; the ambitions known,
Makes me woke up from dusk to dawn !
The mind want "a path" to go along ;
To show the world what's right what's wrong ..

But the heart sometimes trapped in fear
It thinks of world and Men in life;
And don't wanna to lose the dears ..
But the storm of truth;
Pushes me forth;
And allows me to raise the voice;
The voice for weak
Fighting the freaks..
For spreading here harmony !

And as we know "The Men may come and men may go
But the truth stay's forever !"
So stop running for money ; as it shall not bring u honey;
The honey of peace and happiness !
Fight for the truth;enhance your growth;
As it will make u clever !
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