Avery Bamford

Painful reminders - Part 1: Him


reminds me of the warm weather of that beautiful summer day I met you.

The hot sun beating down on my back as I walk over to sit under the shade.

It reminds me of your light hair that once fell against your forehead.

It reminds me of warmth I felt when you smiled upon me.

It reminds me of the jacket that you wore oh so effortlessly.


reminds me of your ocean blue eyes so deep I'd drown in them,

of the eyes that crinkled when you really smiled.

It reminds me of the waves whose edge I once stood at while I thought about us.

Reminds me of the tears I shed

Because of your broken promises and sharp glass-like lies.


reminds me of your luscious smiling lips that lit up my day.

It reminds of the smirk on your face when you knew I was lying,

of the deceiving lies that slipped out of your mouth that I so readily believed.

Your pale hands mismatched against my dark body as

you slipped your sweet lies against my ear.

Oh, what a disastrous pair we were.
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