Ashraf Mahmoud

December 23, 1997 -khartoum
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Alignment of the hearts

This is your hand
And this is my hand
Two faces in the ancient sand
This is your heart
And this is my heart
An Aesthetic view of a piece of art
This is your hair
And this is my hair
Open windows in the calming air
This is your shirt
And this is my shirt
An Eudaemonia in the dirt
This is your tent
And this is my tent
thank god you’re heavenly sent
This is your jeans
And this is my jeans
Watching sculptures from a movie scenes
This is your blood
And this is my blood
Standing together in a shore that flood
This is your card
And this is my card
Thunder and lightning that terrifies the guard
This your gun
This is my gun
Aiming thoughts to the rising sun
This is your stone
And this is my stone
Dropping them when the world is gone
This is you your glass
And this is my glass
A kaleidoscope where lights shall pass
This is your car
And this is my car
A crimson sky in the alcazar
This is your ring
And this is my ring
A chatoyant beam on the the heart that sing
This is your pain
And this my pain
Dancing embers in the rain
This is your star
And this is my star
Luminescence candles that aquiver
This is your fate
And this is your fate
Flowers swaying beneath the lake
This is your home
And this is my home
all the roads shall lead to Rome
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