Aurelia Lucina Wealthberg

november 6, 2001-Algiers
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let’s escape you and me to the dream world
let’s escape you and me from this “real world”
let’s escape you and me from our prisons
let’s free ourselves from our poisons
let’s find our own way
we are always missing anyway

let’s dream let’s hop let’s scream let’s hope let’s be real let’s be mad let’s be crazy, or we’ll lose ourselves to this dumb joke, this dumb game, this dumb trap…

let’s dance let’s sing let’s draw let’s paint let’s create let’s swim let’s fly….

let’s love let’s hurt let’s hide let’s run let’s lose ourselves to our heart’s pitter-pat…

smiles, grins, sorrow, lullabies, screaming, humming, laughing…blood, darkness, metal, water, fire roses and sky

red, black, blue, pink, and white, clouds, oceans, pits, caves and past, the universe is ours

sometimes we feel like
we are a part of infinity
we are a force of nature
we are the universe itself
we are powerful
we are change
we are monsters
we are demons
we are freaks

but, above all, we are special…

we have hearts we have soul we have darkness we have dreams, but we don’t know how to stop our inner screams, we crave blood we crave darkness and play with fire, but we crave justice we crave change we crave tolerance we crave understanding we crave love we crave people like us and we need to make our own world, our own rules, our own decisions our own soul, we scream we laugh we cry and smile in our hearts in the space of seconds

we don’t need pity, we don’t need authority, we are just flowers in the dark and we just want you system to let us blossom if you actually listen to us...if they made you because you are the best for us…if you are not another dumb illusion like love or happiness...if you do actually care...if someone actually cares...or we’ll just be another set of faded thorned bloody black roses...that faded waiting for at least a little beam of dawn...

but then, it hits us again, we are nothing more, then the shame kicks in, after the ridiculousness of our imagination, our folie à deux stops the flow of serotonin and settles in.

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