Arshia Sheikh

June 7,1982-Lucknow
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Truth And Lies

When truth wins over the lies ,
It gives meaning to my life,
When trust on me was more and fear has no space,
I am the one who stood for ace .
I fight my battle with confidence and pride,
It is just because , my loved ones are on my side .
Winning and losing is not my attitude,
I am a woman who is full of gratitude.
We need to define our characters by showing our choice,
Almighty will judge our intention so there is no need to make noise.
But what if, opposite happens,
Lies win and truth was not kept in preference.
Life darkens, when lies are around you,
You became a victim, because hyenas surrounds you.
At this time, stood for what is right.
Roar like a lion, everything will be alright.
The hyenas, will run away, as you found your courage,
It’s better to be like a lion and tame those savage.
Whoever wins truth or lie,
You hold your intention, and never get influenced by any side.
In this process, you may start leaving some hope.
But deal with this situation and try to cope.
Your character is decided by your will and honesty,
Almighty will reward you and bring all positivity.
Remember the hyenas will never win from lion in any battle.
You roar for truth, the hyenas will only rattle.
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