Antony Nduta

April 2, 1999 - Nairobi Kenya

Silent Heart

As silent as a grave yard
Full of pain and wounded
It never cries nor talks
As one speaks as it wills
Deep emotion,it feels
In silence, it kills
It's a grave, that's how we all grade it
Nothing that lives in there can be understood
No amount of treasure can express it
Neither any form of pleasure can express it
Nor any kind of material thing can show it
It gives hard choices, it looks for satisfaction
It longs for no worries, only adoration
It's devine,takes only purification
They say it's a dark forest
What lives there, none knows
Neither does it show, only when low
For this, souls have been lost
For this, personality has been lost
For impression and fulfilment, it's been shot
It lets out what is real, never lies
It's humble, it's pure, but not to all
Would have made it a song, rather a story
But it takes the wise to unveil
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