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1 - calypso

forced to stay in a place I did not choose
because of circumstance
and other extraneous factors

so I live where I must die
an island surrounded by sea and sky
a home to me but only a house to many

does fate make the good ones run away
sail away on their boats

or is the real reason much harder to swallow
like a pill I cannot convince myself will fit

that maybe it is me
a person I regarded so highly
but I’m the why
the reason they’re turning away

my soul
simply not good enough for the well regarded
the brave heroes
and the gentlemen

so instead they stay for a little
enjoy my home
make it their home
say what we have is real

then those love letters float away at sea
as do they

and I am left
alone on my island
full of blue skies and false promises
a sense of despair and desperation

left with one question:
why am I not good enough?
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